Friday, February 4, 2011

The battle of the bulge...

This is not a reference to World War II but rather to what is happening now in the world. A couple of recent popular media outlets (Bloomberg, Independent, and are referencing a recent article published in the medical journal Lancet. The results are - globally we are getting fatter. In the US, 2/3 of the population are overweight, 1/3 is obese. In Mexico - 1/3 of the population is diabetic, while in Japan, where 25% of population is diabetic, diabetes is considered the national disease. The recommendations from the article are that dietary and exercise interventions are needed. What is needed is a Slim intervention.

Here is an example of what a Slim intervention can do that comes to us from Scandinavia. The young man is Jonas Karlsson. Jonas is from Sweden. Jonas over the course of the past year, using Slim and Bios Life E, has lost over 50 kilos (that's over 100 lbs). Here is a comment from his mother Evalis, "Please share with others...about how you can change your life, even when its really difficult. And that its possible to feel so much better even with asberger, adha and low activity. And that its possible to beat a eating disorder with Bios Life Slim.

Jonas almost never went to school, just between 1-3 class. The other kids was treating him very bad and the grown up want better. Jonas never thought that he could have a work or anything. Today Unicity and their products have a so warm place in his heart so he talk to people on internet everyday about this. And he inspire other people to start with Slim and E."

Wow! Over 50 kilos is an outstanding result! Congratulations Jonas! Jonas, through his personal experience, discovered the additive benefits of combing Slim and Bios Life E on his fat-loss
goals. Slim provides the fiber content and the 7X slimming material that lowers the glycemic load of your meals, keeping your insulin loads low. Bios Life E, provides polyphenos, specifically catechins, that have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and increase fatty acid oxidation (fat burning). Jonas discovered, what many others are just now realizing, that Slim is great, but it's even better with E.

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