Tuesday, October 26, 2010

National Brest Cancer Awareness...

Earlier this month, I was at the airport, getting ready to board a flight to Japan. I was doing the usual traveler things, like read, check email, etc... I happened to glance over at the desk near our gate and I saw the agent wearing a bright pink tie. I thought to myself that it looked nice and matched his suit - when out of the corner of my eye I spotted another gate agent in a dress suit that was again, bright pink. It finally dawned on me, when I spotted the pink ribbon, that this airlines was participating in the promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness month (Way to go Delta!). Since that time I have noticed athletes from football players wearing pink cleats to baseball players swinging pink bats all with the desire to help raise awareness of this incredibly debilitating disease that affects our greatest treasures, our ladies. So here is a shout out to all of the great ladies in our lives! Get checked early and get checked often because we need all of you.

Now on a different note, it's interesting that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October. In the US, the weather is cooling, the days are getting shorter and autumn is definitely in full swing. With shorter days however, comes less sunshine and it's that very sunlight that helps our bodies produce one of the most effective yet under-rated vitamins - vitamin D. We have highlighted vitamin D before (see here, here and here) and the breadth and depth of its benefits are impressive. Vitamin D is found in fish, dairy products, and mushrooms among other foods. However, epidemiological study after study shows that most Americans are vitamin D deficient. Not having enough vitamin D can reduce the absorption of calcium and increase the risk of rickets and other bone-related ailments. Not having enough vitamin D increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But as the weather turns colder - not having enough vitamin D reduces the vitality of your immune system leaving you at a greater risk for flu's and colds. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. Last year we reformulated Bonemate Plus to increase the vitamin D dosage to 4000 IU a day. If you don't drink milk or eat a lot of fish - start doing so. But an even more convenient way of getting vitamin D is by taking 2 caplets of Bonemate Plus, twice a day. Vitamin D is the nutritional flu shot and we all need more of it.

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