Monday, February 28, 2011

Keep moving forward...

I hope you are all doing well and have had a successful first two months for 2011. Many of you (hopefully all of you) have set goals and resolutions to do something to Make Life Better in some form of personal development. One of the keys to long term success, be it in business or personal health is setting appropriate goals and developing metrics to track your progress.

In 2009, researchers from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, reported that participants who weighed themselves more frequently were associated with greater weight loss. This is not new data. Another group, from Drexel University, reported in 2007 a similar finding - that participants who frequently weighed themselves reported greater weight loss. Even more so - participants who stopped weighing themselves reported an increase in their body weight. Participants who lost at least 30 lbs and have been able to keep the weight off for at least one year share, as a common behavior, frequently weighing themselves. (As an aside - they also ate breakfast.)

Now whether you choose to track your body weight, your waist circumference or your body fat percentage - that is up to you. What is important is that you start keeping track of something. Tracking your progress is a simple exercise that reminds you of your goals and in the process creates a mechanism whereby you will make future positive choices throughout the day. Will all your future choices be the "right" ones (e.g. eating more fruits and vegetables or exercising)? Perhaps not at first, but over time, as you begin to replace poor eating habits with good ones, they will be.

One of the simplest habits that you can start to build is consistently drink Slim. Slim is the key to improving your nutrition and your health. There are many apps, calendars, websites, etc... that are at your disposal to track your progress. You can only see differences but if you are tracking them. The key is STARTING and DOING. "When you track performance - performance improves. When you track performance and report it - performance is accelerated." (Thomas S. Monson) Make it a family affair -get your spouse or loved one to join in with you. Perhaps a friendly wager to see who can have the greatest transformation is what you need to get motivated. Whatever it is - TRACK IT. Get out, get started and keep track of your peformance.

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