Monday, April 4, 2011

A boost to your slimming efforts...

In 2009, a consortium of researchers lead by a group at Tufts University in Boston, MA, looked into the effects of a green tea-catechin rich drink on body fat distribution in exercising obese adults (see here). Two groups were both set to an exercise routine. One group drank a catechin-rich drink while the other was given a placebo. The group drinking the catechin-rich drink tended to have lower body weight after the 12 week trial. The green tea group also had less abdominal fat, lower triglycerides and free fatty acids. Something to consider when embarking on new health regime.

However, compelling the results, I wonder if this group wouldn't have achieved better results using matcha in place of a green tea extract. One of the pitfalls to using extracts is that extracts by their definition are only a fraction of the original source. In this case, green tea extracts or catechins, lack all of the many nutritional components of the Camellia sinensis leaf including, chlorophyll, soluble fiber, and amino acids to name a few. Matcha retains its naturally produced caffeine that when combined with the L-theanine produces a calm alertness that rivals medications. Matcha is a tea that is eaten not steeped and as a result one "eats" 100% of all that matcha has to offer. A far cry from the mere 30% of the nutrients gained by drinking a steeped green tea.

Now, consider this potent one-two punch Slim and matcha. Take the benefits of controlled blood sugar and reduced insulin from Slim and add to it the increase in fatty acid oxidation from matcha and you have a compelling set of products to attack a global epidemic, obesity. The simplest way to validate this is for you to try it. First - measure your waist. Second, drink Slim. Third - drink E, either with Slim or in between meals (it's great because it has such a low-impact on your blood sugar. In fact, other research shows that catechins may improve insulin sensitivity.) Try it for a month then measure your waist again. You'll see a difference! Matcha is a simple, yet delicious way to boost your Slimming efforts.

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