Monday, March 28, 2011

If you needed another reason to stop smoking...

At the recent American Chemical Society meeting (see here), researchers at Cal State Polytechnical Institute in Pomona, California, found that nicotine raises blood sugar levels and the more nicotine was present, the higher the levels rose.

A quote from the study's author, ""Smoking is really harmful for diabetics. It's even more harmful to them than to a non-diabetic," said study author Xiao-Chuan Liu, an associate professor in the department of chemistry at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. "This study should encourage diabetics to quit smoking completely, and to realize that it's the nicotine that's raising [blood sugar levels]."

It's tough enough for diabetics but smoking exacerbates their situation. Stop smoking now! There are many local resources to help you in your efforts to quit. Life is too valuable to be spent killing ourselves with this addiction. Seek the help you need to quit smoking. Do it today! A smoker is estimated to lose 14 years of their life due to smoking (see here). Diabetics are estimated to lose 6 years of their life due to the disease. Combing the two means that one will lose 20 years of life! Stop smoking and start Bios Life Slim! Get your blood sugar under control with Slim and stop worsening the problem by quitting the smoking habit! Get Slim and live!

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