Friday, June 18, 2010

Which do I eat?

In a recent journal article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a combined research group from Harvard asked the question of what are the benefits of eating brown rice versus white rice? To answer this question it's important to note the differences between the two forms of rice. Brown rice is the intact rice grain. White rice through different manufacturing processes has been stripped of the outer bran and germ portions leaving the starchy endosperm. Both types of rice have had their impact on blood glucose measured relative to white bread, a measurement called the glycemic index (for more on that go here). High glycemic index (GI) values have consistently been shown to correlate with increased risks of type 2 diabetes (T2D). The GI for brown rice is 55 while the value for white rice is 64. So what if you substituted brown rice for white rice? How does that simple substitution affect your risk for T2D? Well - according to the results of this study - that by simply replacing 50 g of white rice a day with the same amount of brown rice reduces your risk for T2D by over 15%.

Now - think of how much more you can reduce your risk for T2D by making that simple lifestyle change and by making another, supplementing with Bios Life Slim? Studies have shown the positive impact of blood sugar regulation by supplementing with Bios Life Slim. In a previous study using the same Biosphere fiber found in Bios Life Slim - showed a 17% reduction in pre-prandial glucose measurements and a 36% reduction in post-prandial glucose measurements. Furthermore, there was a 15% drop in HbA1c numbers. Powerful numbers for the estimated 24 million people with T2D.

If you have T2D or find yourself at risk with eleveated insulin resistance start using Bios Life Slim NOW! Start using the Slim 4-4-12 rule and establish a regular pattern of eating your meals. It's really simple and Slim is the product makes the difference and gives you results you can measure.

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